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Michael “Nick” Nichols’s slumbering Lion gets him the year’s wildlife photographer title


London: As the winners of the 50th Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition were announced, Michael “Nick” Nichols, with his photograph of lazing lions beat more than 42,000 entries from 96 countries to grab the top award.

The awards competition, hosted by the British Natural History Museum and BBC Worldwide, recognizes excellence in nature photography.

American photographer Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols was named Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 by a panel of international judges for his serene black-and-white image of lions resting with their cubs in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

Nichols, also an editor at large for National Geographic magazine followed the pride for nearly six months and they became used to his presence. This shot was taken in infra-red, which he explains, ‘transforms the light and turns the moment into something primal, biblical almost’.

“The biggest challenge in wildlife photography is capturing images that surprise viewers and invite a sense of intimacy with the natural world,” he added.

Nichols’s ‘The Last Great Picture’ is given below,

The last great Picture








Also recognized were National Geographic photographers Brent Stirton and Tim Laman, for the special awards Wildlife Photojournalist of the Year and best portfolio, respectively.

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