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High court insists to raise the marriageable age limit of girls

Madurai Bench

Chennai: The Madras High Court Madhura bench has insisted to bring relevant changes in the ‘prohibition of child marriage act’ and in the ‘age of consent act’.
“There should be relevant changes in the prohibition of child marriage act and in the age of consent act,” opined Justice S Mani Kumar and Justice V S Ravi.
The court questioned on currently predetermined age limit of a boy (21) and a girl’s (18) marriageable age limit.
“Boys and girls are brought up in similar circumstances in schools up to the age of 17, then how are girls alone be expected to attain adulthood than that of the boys,” enquired the court.
Aged, 18 will be liable for gaining jobs and driving licenses but it doesn’t make sagacity of taking into account, this as a criterion for attaining mental stability to lead a married life. The court has passed its statement in the state of affairs of much habeas corpus being filed in the court.

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