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Superstar Rajini gets stay on the film ‘Main Hoon Rajinikanth’

Rajani copyChennai: South Indian Superstar Rajinikanth has moved the court against the makers of ‘Main Hoon Rajnikanth’ to stop the release and screening of the film.

Rajinikanth alleged that his name is being misused and the makers of the movie didn’t seek his permission before using his name. After hearing the petition the Madras High court Justice S Tamilvanan has granted interim injunction restraining Varsha Productions, Rizvi Mansion Cooperative Society, L J Road, Mahim West, Mumbai, from releasing the film with that title and content. Case has been postponed to September 22.

In the actor’s petition, he has dwelt at length about his stature and stated policy of not endorsing any product or film or write-up using his name or personality, as it might end up misleading his huge devoted fan base.

The application said, “Rajinikanth’s irrefutable acting ability, charisma, distinct personal style, mannerisms and stylized delivery of dialogue in films have contributed to his mass popularity and appeal. His popularity as coming from his larger-than-life appearance in many films, supported by gravity-defying stunts and charismatic expressions/dialogues which often attain cult status, whilst preferring to maintain humility and simplicity in real life.”

A large section of the public across India is, therefore, likely to be misled into viewing such project/film on the mere belief that the said project/film has been approved by their matinee idol. It is to prevent such widespread hysteria and undue confusion amongst the public, besides maintaining his personal integrity, he has chosen to abstain from approving or supporting any project based on his personal self/personality. Besides, such film based upon Rajinikanth’s name, image or likeness would be a gross violation of his privacy, and would subject him to needless embarrassment as he does not have any control over the content of any unauthorized or unapproved project/film, the application said.

Asked about the film Rajini said, various press releases, video releases, web articles, posters and information from other sources about the feature film ‘Main Hoon Rajinikanth’ revealed that the producer had exploited/lifted the super hero image of Rajinikanth from various movies by including in the forthcoming feature film, which also has scenes of immoral nature.

Rajinikanth’s most distressing concern was that the film had scenes of immoral nature, “which is entirely unethical to the nature of films chosen by him and his image amongst the public. In having his name/image/caricature being associated with such feature film of immoral and promiscuous nature, he would be subject to defamation, slander and gross damage to vast reputation/goodwill amongst the public across the world and the Indian film industry, which has been built over the hard work of several years.

Mean while the makers behind the film have a different story to say, they claim that, “Main Hoon Rajinikanth is a comical journey about a CBI officer and a part-time contract killer Rajnikanth who has been given an assignment to kill a corrupt police officer Naidu and how one thing leads to another and things go haywire – also because of a small case of an identity crisis – forms the rest of the film, added them.

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