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modi17Prime minister Narendra Modi addressed the Nepalese Constituent Assembly in Kathmandu on Sunday as he becomes the first Indian PM to visit the Himalayan nation in 17 years.He is on a two-day visit to Nepal.

Modi emphasized that Indo-Nepal border should be a “bridge” and not a barrier even as he announced $ 1 billion Line Of Credit to the country. He also assured that India did not want to interfere in Nepal’s internal affairs.

Modi offered a “HIT” mantra(Highways, I-Ways and Tran sways) saying that India will make efforts to deepen its diplomatic and economic engagement with its neighbours for its development.
Modi also said that he wanted to see Nepal become a developed nation and was ready to work with that country in all its efforts.He also visited the famous Pashupatinath Temple and participated in a special puja.
The two countries were expected to sign agreements in sectors like power.Sharing and developing trans-boundary water resources among the two countries has been One of the most contentious issues. Officials and experts are keeping high expectations in this concern too.
“Indo-Nepal relations are constantly being upset by insensitivity and blundering on the part of India and hypersensitivity and proneness to misunderstanding on the part of Nepal,” former Indian water resources secretary Ramaswami Iyer wrote in a daily following the latest controversy.
All eyes are on Prime Minister Modi and his promise of new diplomacy.

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