UN Chief takes inventiveness to reconcile the Middle East Squabble;

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will leave for the region of conflict between Israel and Palestinians
that has killed more than 300 people,mostly the civilians.He will be looking forward to reduce the uneasiness
among the two countries and will express his unanimity-says U.N. Political Chief Jeffrey Feltman.

Expressing his alarm on Thursday when Israeli forces launched their ground incursion into Gaza, and Hamas
resumed rocket fire into Israel,the U.N. chief said that he regret since despite of his repeated urgings to seek calm,
an already dangerous conflict had escalated further.

Innocent lives ranging from 5 months to 80 years are being brutally killed here.
The Palestinian envoy Riyad Mansour read the names of dozens of Palestinian civilians who have been killed, the
majority are from the Israeli airstrikes.
Mansour also said that if the Security Council fails to end these violations and protect the Palestinians, they would
have no choice but to go to U.N. and other international courts.
In a regard of such a situation being held there Ban Ki-moon’s visit will probably give arise to a hope for the agonising

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