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Mahatma Gandhi was a Casteist, proclaimed Arundhati Roy

Thiruvananthapuram; The 1998’s Man Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy here on Thursday at Thiruvananthapuram accused that Mahatma Gandhi was a caste enliven person.She also dared to emphasize that the Institutions that are named after the Mahatma should be renamed.Roy was delivering her speech at the Kerala University in memory of the renowned dalit leader Ayyankali.
An essay by Mahatma Gandhi in 1936, titled “The Ideal Bhangi”needs to be scrutinised to attain affirmation of Gandhi being a casteist-cites Roy.
Contradict to this J.M Rahim who is the coordinator of Centre for Gandhian Studies,drew attention to Gandhi’s autobiography “My Experiment with Truth” where Gandhi had a pungent fight with his wife Kasturba when he refused to allow a bhangi clean a local latrine,instead wanted Kasturba to do it.Gandhi then himself cleans the latrine on Kasturba’s dissent.Roy hasn’t understood Gandhi’s philosophy,added Rahim

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