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PM Narendra Modi to meet the Chinese PM Xi Jinping at BRICS

modi17Prime Minister   Modi will meet the Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday evening (Brazil time) at the 6th BRICS summit in Brazil.

After this the Pm is to  meet the Russian President  Vladimir Putin .The visit mainly focused on the three things ,the meet with the Chinese  President ,Russian President and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel  would have all gone well unless the least expected gaffe would not have had happened when the German chancellor Angela  Merkal  had to abort the meetings.

After a tremendous win over the elections all eyes are set on PM Modi to see how well he executes his political strategy over the Chinese being dominant at BRICS.

On his way to Brazil, Modi said that he is looking forward to have meaningful meetings for strengthening the bilateral 1relations and exchange view on global and regional developments. He also said that he is looking forward for the successful conclusion of the major BRICS initiative such as the new development bank and the contingent Reserve Arrangement that is been in process since 2012 in New Delhi.

A sum of $100 million will be funded by the BRICS development bank for the projects in developing countries.

The most closely watched meeting will be of PM Modi’s and the Chinese President’s. The Chinese  are interested  to invest in the modernization of Indian Railways whereas Modi’s challenge will be to open China’s market to Indian products and services.

The Chinese President’s visit to India will be hosted by Modi which is likely to be held in October. This is the first visit of the Chinese President Xi to India.

The next most important meeting is of with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, as Russia is a close partner of India their recent alliances with Ukraine has disturbed India. India’s interest towards non- Russian weapons has bothered Russia too. To add fire to this Modi will be very careful on the $400 billion gas deal between Russia and China. As India would not want Russia into China’s favor, India will want to keep Putin to its side.

Even though of all these happening around reports do state that, it isn’t the appropriate time for Modi to be on the BRICS summit as it has also helped in gaining the anger of the Japanese since Modi had written a letter to the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promising to make Japan his first bilateral summit.

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