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U.S. ambassador to India quits

images (1)It was reported by the embassy in a statement on Monday that the U.S. ambassador to India has resigned and will return to the United States after less than two years, following a diplomatic row that strained relations between the world’s biggest democracies.

The statement did not give a reason why Ambassador Nancy Powell had resigned, saying only that she was retiring from the foreign service after 37 years, “as planned for some time”.
Powell is a career diplomat who has held several postings in South Asia and became the ambassador to India in 2012.
Last month, she ended a decade-long boycott and brought Washington’s policy in line with other major powers by meeting Narendra Modi, the opposition candidate who is favourite to become India’s next prime minister after elections that end in May.
But her tenure was marred by a row over the arrest and subsequent strip search of an Indian diplomat in New York. Indian took retaliatory measures against the embassy, including removing some of the ambassador’s travel privileges.
Trade relations have also deteriorated over the past two years.

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