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Death toll climbs to 7 in Mumbai building collapse

imagesThe death toll climbs to Seven and several others injured in yesterday’s building collapse, a seven-storey residential building in Vakola area of Santacruz (East) at 11.45 am Friday. Slabs from the 31-year old building, called Shankar Lok, fell on the adjacent Catherine chawl.
Like Mumbra’s Lucky Compound collapse that killed 74 in April last year, this too was a pancake collapse, with the upper storeys crashing down upon each other.
The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had declared Shankar Lok a dilapidated and dangerous building and had been sending eviction notices since 2007. However, one family of three had refused to move out and had obtained a HC stay. Of the seven dead, one belonged to this family. The rest were residents of the adjacent chawl.

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