B J P to be professional in exposing Aam Aadmi Party

images (2)NEW DELHI: The Barathiya Janata Party in Delhi is preparing a list of Aam Aadmi Party’s “failures and lies” to neutralize its “strong impact” across the city before the Lok Sabha polls. A group of around 70 professionals is helping the party chalk out the campaign-both online and at the ground level.

The Chief spokesperson of Delhi BJP Sanjay Kaul said, “We want to logically deconstruct the AAP phenomenon for the people of Delhi. In the next few days, we will tell people about what the party did and what it could have done. We will also highlight their lies and how they misguided people.”

The ‘ProBJP-Professionals for BJP’ group, which includes engineers, doctors, students and IT professionals, has been sharing information about the AAP government’s poor performance on Facebook and Twitter for some time. They have analysed the work done by the AAP government during its 49-day stint and compiled a list of their failures and lies.


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