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Building collapses in Mumbai, One dead many trapped

Mumbai_Seven_storey_building_collapses_i_155703407_thumbnailAccording to the official report, an old, seven-story residential building collapsed in a Mumbai suburb on Friday killing at least one person while up to 10 people may be trapped under the debris.
It was noted in the report that the person who died was a 32-year-old woman, who has been identified as Sudha Sridharan and three others suffered minor injuries after a vacant seven-storey building collapsed in suburban Santacruz.
Disaster Response Force commander Alok Awasthi said, the building had already been condemned as unsafe when it crashed down into a huge pile of concrete slabs, rubble and dust.
An official in the BMC disaster management cell said, the building, located in Yashwant Nagar near Grand Hyatt Hotel, came down around noon on a chawl,
Seven fire engines, two ambulances and a team of NDRF have been rushed to the spot.
While the building was officially uninhabited, some families were living there illegally, Awasthi said. Another dozen or so people had set up makeshift homes at the base of the building in the Santacruz suburb of India’s west-coast financial capital.
“Our rough estimate is that there are around eight to 10 people feared trapped inside. Rescue operations are going on,” he said.

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