“Never make a film without Salman”, Atul Agnihotri

Superstar Salman Khan’s brother-in-law, producer-director Atul Agnihotri says he would never make a film without Salman.

Atul, 43, told PTI that, He have reached out to Salman for support. He would never do a film that will not have Salman. Salman is an important part of his life. Superstar’s guidance, support, instinct is something that matters to him the most.

He also said that “It is always a great advantage to have him as a family. You definitely get access to him. He is a great actor, star and a wonderful human being. There are no disadvantages”.

Atul’s latest film O Teri is to be released on March 28, Also Salman will be doing a special song in this film.

Atul added a few elements in O Teri to make it more entertaining. “I tried to add scale to the film like action, song, dance, thrill, etc and make it into a good entertain

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