‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is declared as Terrorist Organisation by Saudi Arabia

images (15)Saudi Arabia: On 7 March 2014 Saudi Arabia declared the jihadist group, Muslim Brotherhood, including other groups like, al-Nusra Front, Hezbollah and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as Terrorist Groups.
The move is expected to curb the activities of terror outfits and prevent the people from taking part in the conflict directly. The ban was described as a sign of the kingdom’s resolve to fight terrorism and to avoid direct consequence in Saudi Arabia.
The Saudi interior ministry has also issued a 15-day ultimatum to its citizens fighting abroad to return to the kingdom or face imprisonment.
The declaration mean any Saudi citizen accused of taking part in pro-Muslim Brotherhood rallies, possession of the group’s literature, or supporting the group verbally or in writing could be held for punishment.
Under the previous decree, Saudi citizens fighting abroad could face up to 20 years in jail. Similar punishments will be applied to extremist religious and ideological groups, or those classified as terrorist groups, domestically, regionally and internationally.


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