Two men sentenced for killing UK soldier

Lee-Rigby-Trial-Main-3184894Two men were sentenced on Wednesday who were convicted of killing a British soldier on a London street last year, one to life in prison and the other to a minimum of 45 years.
In a brutal attack recorded on closed-circuit TV and by bystanders, Michael hit soldier Lee Rigby with a car then hacked him to death with a meat cleaver and knives in May 2013.
The Islamic converts, through testimony or their lawyers’ arguments in court, indicated they killed Rigby for Allah. Cell phone footage replayed at the trial showed Adebolajo, still clutching a cleaver in his bloody hands, ranting that the killing was “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” for British soldiers killing Muslims overseas.
They were convicted of murder in December. Adebolajo will spend life in prison. Adebowale received a sentence of at least 45 years.
Rigby, who had served in Afghanistan and was off duty when he was killed at the age of 25, left behind a wife and a young son.
The prosecution had asked for the maximum possible sentence: life imprisonment without parole.
But defense lawyers argued Wednesday for leniency. Barrister David Gottlieb told the court that the victim was chosen because he was a member of the armed forces and that no one else was hurt in the attack.
Prosecutor Sue Hemming said the pair “reveled in one of the most appalling terrorist murders I have ever seen.”
“Not only was the attack brutal and calculated, it was also designed to advance extremist views,” she said in a prepared statement. “As a solider, Fusilier Lee Rigby was targeted in a clear act of revenge, deliberately carried out in full view of members of the public for maximum impact.”
Family members attended court Wednesday to hear the sentences handed down.
Outside the court, demonstrators from the English Defence League, a far-right group, carried signs calling for capital punishment to be restored. Britain abolished the death penalty in the 1960s.

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