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Navy chief quits due to another submarine fire

0Gv7EGn-360NEW DELHI: The Navy chief Admiral Devender Kumar Joshi resigned on Wednesday, in an unprecedented step, owning “moral responsibility” for warship and submarine accidents over the last six months, including the latest mishap on board submarine INS Sindhuratna off Mumbai.

Admiral Joshi’s shock resignation was on the basis of the incident involving INS Sindhuratna that left two officers feared dead and seven sailors injured on Wednesday. Equally stunning for the armed forces was its quick acceptance by the UPA government.

Joshi’s image as a “no-nonsense, if slightly impulsive guy” was well known in the corridors of South Block, but what raised eyebrows all around was the resignation’s prompt acceptance by the UPA government, leading to suggestions that he had “received a nudge or two” from the defence ministry to put in his papers.

Though the Navy maintains that only four of the so-called dozen accidents were serious enough to merit attention, Admiral Joshi had run into rough weather with the media as well as the political authority.

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