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US Army is reduced due economic crisis

_67391413_hagelUnited States announces a proposal of reducing the US Army to its smallest size since before World War II on Monday. The US defence secretary Chuck Hagel announced the proposal which is expected to feature a scheduled drop of troops from 570,000 post-9/11 to between 440,000 and 450,000. This would be considered as the smallest army since 1940.
It says that the expected proposal is based around both spending concerns – as well as President Obama’s promises to end two different long-term military campaigns.
The changes, however, are expected to come with a possibly steep cost. Officials told the paper that budget cuts could mean higher casualties and a longer time for success if the US army had to handle two campaigns again.
Under the changes, the US army would be able to defeat any enemy but would be too small for long-term foreign occupation.
Hagel is also expected to propose the elimination of Air Force A-10 attack aircraft, according to paper. The budget, however, reportedly will have money for the F-35 warplane.
Despite the plane’s reported support from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, both Congress members and the National Guard Association are expected to attack Hagel’s proposed changes, the paper says. It also suggests that both state governors and those with an interest in Navy shipbuilding may voice their concerns.
Hagel’s new budget, however, is expected to protect money for both Special Ops forces and cyberwarfare.
The US Army will be ‘capable’ and ‘trained,’ an anonymous source said to the paper.
The recommendations would limit pay raises across the board to 1 percent, and they would freeze pay entirely for generals and admirals for one year.
The Wall Street Journal also reported that the proposal is expected to reduce housing allowances, increase health-care premiums, and limit pay raises.
In addition to reduced housing allowances, the recommendations would slash the subsidies for commissaries that provide groceries to veterans, service members, and their families at reduced cost.
However, the US shows signs of the severe recession which ultimately leads one to compare the economic tumbling of USSR. Though several economic revolutionary attempts are brought forth by the Obama government, still it is unable to provide a stable economic state in the US.

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