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Madhuri Dixit: Women in Bollywood had only two jobs

11626_bollywood-actress-madhuri-dixit-photosAccording to actress Madhuri Dixit, acting and hair-dressing were the only two jobs women in Bollywood had which are in sharp contrast to the present.
She said “Women were relegated to jobs like hair-dresser or were actresses. These were the only two women seen on the sets, but today we see a lot of them.”
During her initial days in Bollywood she never saw a woman assistant director, but now a lot of women were into script-writing and directing, said the 46-year-old actress.
Referring to films directors like Soumik Sen who had a different way of looking at women, she said, “There is an emergence of new sensibilities.”
She also added “We are fortunate to have such directors to write scripts for us and this is a great time for women and films in general,”.
Asked about the roles which she was offered during those days, Dixit said she was lucky to have got different roles in films like ‘Beta’, ‘Dil’, ‘Tejab’, Among others.
She says even at this stage of her career she was not averse to doing comedy films as she describes herself as a baby of commercial cinema.


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