Case registered against criticising Amritanandamayi in facebook!

Mata_Amritanandamayi_AFP_295x200Kollam: It was informed that there was a case registered by the devotees of Amritanandamayi at the Karunagapalli police station for criticising Amritanandamayi in facebook. The criticism was in response to the book which was published by one of the former Australian female disciples of Amritanandamayi.
Karunagapalli ACP is appointed as the in-charge of the case under the direction of Kollam rural SP.
The book has raised some serious allegations against the ‘Hugging Saint’ and functioning of her Ashram.
A different portrait is painted of Amma in the new book Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness, written by Gail “Gayatri” Tredwell.
Tredwell, in the book, claims that the true picture is far different from the facade of beloved holy woman that the public sees.
The book depicts an unsettling portrait of Amma in a voice that brims with honesty and hope.
For two decades, Tredwell acted as Amma’s personal servant, expected to be available at the “saint’s” disposal at all hours. She became fluent in the Malayalam language and was with Amma continuously. The author shares her unique story, keeping to the facts yet taking responsibility for her own role in the situation.
The book talks about Amritanandamayi ashram’s meteoric rise from religious community to mega-empire, completely business-minded and rife with hypocrisy.
Tredwell leads readers through the stages of her servitude to Amma, beginning with the early years fraught with innocent devotion, then to the developing awareness of the severity of her situation, until at last she realizes her needed liberation is not from God, but rather from Amma.
picTredwell’s book recounts stories of donations intended for charity being converted into gold jewellery and hidden under the garments of Amma’s sanyasis (monks) as they passed through customs – then the gold being passed to Amma’s family to make them fabulously rich. Tredwell tells of being beaten, clawed, and bitten by Amma, who would succumb to fits of rage over small mistakes made by her attendants.
Tredwell also speaks of her discovery that, while claiming to be a lifelong celibate, Amma secretly had ongoing sexual affairs with several of her closest swamis (monks who have taken lifelong vows of celibacy). And she speaks of being raped herself, repeatedly, by one of these same swamis, and names him.
Though there were several allegations against the ashram, no action was taken so far. This is when the people began to respond through social media and now case is registered against the criticism and no action taken about the allegations.

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