Yagas as vital as yoga: Baba Ramdev

Picture 1Kerala’s first-ever all-inclusive Somayagam began today with renowned Yoga guru Baba Ramdev stressing the importance of Vedic culture in modern times and leaders across communities hailing the efforts of the organisers to propagate the message of ancient texts.
“Yoga and yagams are important elements of our rich culture. They purify our mind as well as environment,” Ramdev said while inaugurating a Vedic conference at the venue of the week-long Somayagam being organised here by city-based Kasyapa Veda Research Foundation (KVRF).
“We are gradually losing our culture. Mega rituals like the Somayagam are a bold and genuine attempt to revive our rich and old tradition,” added the Yoga exponent at the gathering that lined up an array of an array of speakers ranging from heritage scholars and religious heads to senior politicians and industrialists.

The function saw top yaga organisers making an official declaration that the Vedas can no more remain the preserve of a few and that all should have the right and facility to learn them.

Ramdev said people should not see the Vedas as part of a particular religion. “It is for the entire mankind. By studying Vedas, all become Brahmins. All religions stand for the welfare of the mankind; their ideologies are all same. By conducting a Somayagam, we are actually trying to rebuild our nation,” he said amid loud cheer from a huge gathering at suburban Karaparamba.


Indian Union Muslim League leader Panakkad Sayyid Sadique Ali Shihab Thangal described the Somayagam as a major attempt by the 2006-founded KVRF to make Vedas accessible to all irrespective of age, sex or religion.


“Our country has a unique culture. The Somayagam is aimed at delivering a message of peace, love and harmony,” he noted, hailing the efforts of the KVRF under the leadership of Acharya M R Rajesh for spreading the knowledge of Vedas to all people irrespective of their age, sex and religion.


Vedic scholar Vadakumpattu Narayanan, who heads the Yaga Raksha Samiti, said this was for the first time a Somayagam was being conducted “by the people and for the people”.
“We are revolutionising our age-old culture by openly proclaiming that the Vedas are for all and everyone has the right to study it,” he added.


The function, which felicitated veteran yaga expert Kaapra Marathu Akithirippad, also witnessed the release of two books — “Pathanjalli Munniyudee Yogadarshanabhashyam” and “Aithareeya Upanishad”—penned by Acharya Rajesh.


Other speakers included former Union Minister Shri O Rajagopal, Elathoor MLA A K Shashindran, BJP leader P S Sreedharan Pillai, Shri Sathyavrath Arya of Om Shantidham Gurukulam, O Baburaj and KVRF Director Shri Vivek D Shenoy besides musician Njeralath Harigovindan.


Earlier in the day, the country’s heritage registered a historic moment when a non-Brahmin became the intermediary to hand over the key somalata herb to the chief priest.
The day’s rituals began with a Ganapati homam, it took just three minutes for the yaga fire to burn after the priests churned rods made of arani wood in the conventional way.
The ancient Hindu ritual also conjured up a curious Arabian connection on the inaugural day when pumpkins cultivated in Dubai were brought to the venue.


Two huge green-shelled pumpkins, weighing a total of 22 kilograms, were handed over by Dubai-based Malayali P Sreenivasan to Acharya Rajesh.

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