This Valentine’s Day, Express Your Love with ELOP

ELOP_AppDo you have a friend you want to ask out on Valentine’s Day but can’t pluck up the courage to? Do they leave you blushing, tongue-tied and fearful that you’re going to be rejected or permanently friendzoned if you ask?

If you are afraid to make a move until you are sure your feelings are reciprocated, here is a solution: the ‘Express LOve apP’ or ELOP for short.

ELOP, an app currently available on Facebook, has been developed by a bunch of recent college grads turned entrepreneurs who have ‘been there seen it’.

The app lets you create and save a crush list from among your Facebook friends. The list is your little secret and none of those added will ever know they are on it – not until they add you to their own secret crush list.

If the feeling’s mutual, ELOP will send you both a notification for you to take it forward and maybe get yourself the date you always wanted for Valentine’s Day.

Unlike most Facebook apps, ELOP keeps all crushlist activity private – nothing is ever posted, shared or tagged.

It also comes with a little vanity booster; you can see the number of people who have added you to their crush list – not their names, of course.

And if you admire someone, you can tag them as ‘hot’. The ‘hot’ tags are again anonymous. Your name is not revealed to the person you tagged, even if they have tagged you back. But the number of ‘hot’ tags you’ve got is visible to all.

ELOP, which has been developed by CIED Technologies, a fledgling company based in Kochi’s Startup Village, has already managed to create some ripples. Its first avatar on Facebook, called Crush, was downloaded by 25,000 users in 130 countries.

Akash Mathew, the co-founder and CEO of CIED Technologies, says Crush rebranded as ELOP has more features and is more user-friendly than before. It will soon be rolled out to Android and iOS devices.

And unlike the regular dating applications, ELOP has a unique space in the App World.

“Dating apps are dime a dozen, but ELOP is more like a helper for young people who are too shy, unsure or too afraid to express their feelings directly to someone they really like,” says Akash. “But, the problem with not opening up is that somewhere it will leave you with a feeling of regret, the question of ‘what if I had’. I’m sure we have all been there.”

“Besides, it is a very cool app to have,” he adds. “Love is the only true adventure, and when you are not afraid to express it, you become a revolutionary. ELOP makes you one.”

Akash founded CIED Technologies with his cousin Jim George (currently Vice President at the company) during his second year B.Tech. They started off with software services and moved on to products.

Crush, now ELOP, is their first product and has already raised investments to the tune of Rs 70,00,000. Akash now has 11 of his friends working with him at CIED, all of whom opted out of campus placements.

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